Jack Palance – Academy Award winning actor dies 87, 2006

Hollywood Walk of FamerOscar Award winnerGolden Glove award winner

Jack PalanceJack Palance (born Volodymyr Palahniuk; February 18, 1919 – November 10, 2006) was an Academy Award-winning American film actor. With his rugged facial features, Palance was best known to modern movie audiences as both the characters of Curly and Duke in the two City Slickers movies, but his career spanned half a century of film and television appearances.

Death of Jack Palance
Jack Palance died at the age of 87, of natural causes, at his home in Montecito in Santa Barbara County.He was cremated and his ashes were retained by family and friends

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Jack Palance as a bad guy

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Palance has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6608 Hollywood Boulevard. In 1992, he was inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Academy award and nominations
1952 – Nominated – Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Sudden Fear
1953 – Nominated – Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Shane
1992 – Won – Best Actor in a Supporting Role – City Slickers

Complete Filmography of Jack Palace

(1950-2004) (In order of production)

Year Movie title
1950 Panic In The Streets
Halls of Montezuma
1952 Shane
Sudden Fear
1953 Second Chance
Flight To Tangier
The Man In The Attic
1954 Sign Of The Pagan
The Silver Chalice
1955 Kiss of Fire
The Big Knife
I Died A Thousand Times
1956 Attack
1957 The Lonely Man
House Of Numbers
Flowers Of Mayo
1958 The Man Inside
Ten Seconds To Hell
1959 The Battle Of Austerlitz
1960 Treno Di Natale
The Barbarian
1961 The Mongols
The Last Judgement
1962 Sword Of The Conqueror
Warriors Five
1963 Contempt
Night Train To Milan
1965 Once A Thief
The Spy In The Green Hat
1966 The Professionals
1967 To Kill A Dragon
Torture Garden
1968 They Came To Rob Las Vegas
The Mercenary
The Battle Giants
Marquis De Sade: Justine
1969 The Desperados
The Legion Of The Damned
The McMasters
1970 Monte Walsh
The Companeros
The Horsemen
1971 Chato’s Land
It Can Be Done, Amigo
1972 Tedeum
The Short & Happy Life Of The Brothers Blue
1973 Oklahoma Crude
1974 Craze
1975 The Four Deuces
The Great Adventure
Africa Express
1976 Eva Nera
The Cop In Blue Jeans
Knell-The Bloody Avenger
Safari Express
Rulers Of The City
The Sensuous Nurse
God’s Gun
1977 Welcome To Blood City
Portrait Of A Hitman
1978 One Man Jury
Angels Brigade
1979 Cocaine Cowboys
The Shape Of Things To Come
1980 Without Warning
Hawk The Slayer
1982 Alone In The Dark
1987 Gor
Bagdad Cafe
Outlaw Of Gor
1988 Young Guns
1989 Batman
Tango & Cash
1990 Solar Crisis
City Slickers
1991 Radio Flyer (Voice)
1992 Eli’s Lesson
1993 Cyborg 2 – The Glass Shadow
City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold
1994 Cops & Robbersons
The Swan Princess (Voice)
1998 The Incredible Adventures Of Marco Polo
Treasure Island
2001 Prancer Returns

Television Movies/Mini-Series

Year Television title
1968 The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
1973 Dracula
1974 The Godchild
The Hatfields & The McCoys
1975 Bronk
1979 The Last Ride Of The Dalton Gang
The Ivory Ape
1980 The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story
1992 Keep The Change
1993 The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics
1995 Buffalo Girls
1997 I’ll Be Home For Christmas
1999 Sarah, Plain & Tall : Winters End
2001 Living With The Dead
2004 Back When We Were Grownups

Television Shows

Year Television title
1950 Lights Out – The Man Who Couldn’t Remember
1952 Studio 1 – The King In Yellow
Curtain Call – Azaya
Studio 1 – Little Man, Big World
The Gulf Playhouse – The Necktie Party
1953 Danger – Said The Spider To The Fly
The Web – Last Chance
Suspense – The Kiss Off
The Motorola Tv Hour – Brandenburg Gate
Suspense – Cagliostro & The Chess Player
1956 Playhouse 90 – Requiem For A Heavyweight
Zane Grey Theatre – The Lariat
1957 Playhouse 90 – The Last Tycoon
Playhouse 90 – The Death Of Manolete
1963 The Greatest Show On Earth
1965 Convoy – The Many Colours Of Courage
1966 Run For Your Life – The Late Diana Hayes
Alice Through The Looking Glass – (Live Theatre)
1971 Net Playhouse – Trail Of Tears
1973 The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour
1979 Buck Rogers In The 25th Century – The Planet Of The Slave Girls
Unknown Powers (Presenter/Narrator)
1981 Tales Of The Haunted – Evil Stalks This House
1982 Ripley’s Believe It Or Not (Series)
2001 Night Visions – Bitter Harvest