Ink Spots guitarist Huey Long dies at age 105 in Houston

Huey Long (April 25, 1904 – June 10, 2009) was an African American singer and musician and the last living member of the Ink Spots.

Born in Sealy, Texas, Long began his musical career in 1925 playing banjo for Frank Davis’ Louisiana Jazz Band, based in Houston. He switched from the banjo to the guitar after migrating to Chicago, where he appeared at the 1933 World’s Fair with Texas Guinan’s Cuban Orchestra.

In early 1944, Ink Spots leader Bill Kenny offered Long a position with the group. He stayed with them until 1985, and eventually moved to New York City, where he taught and wrote music.

Death of Huey Long
Long celebrated his 105th birthday in April 2009 and resided at his Houston home until his death in June 2009.

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