Cody Smoot, Lead Guitarist of GWAR Found Dead on Tour Bus 34

Flattus Maximus is the name of a former character and guitarist in the heavy metal band Gwar.  The role of Flattus Maximus has been played by a number of guitarists. Cory Smoot, who took over the role in 2002, died November 3, 2011 and the character was officially retired.

Cory Smoot cause of death
On November 3, 2011, hours after a performance at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Smoot was found dead by his fellow band members in the band’s tour bus as they prepared to cross the border into Manitoba, Canada from North Dakota. At the time of the announcement, no formal statement concerning the circumstances of his demise nor of the future of the band had been made. On November 4, Dave Brockie officially announced that the character of Flattus Maximus would be retired out of respect to Smoot.

The band will perform on November 4, 2011. A day after Cody’s death.

GWAR “Let Us Slay” (OFFICIAL VIDEO), Cody Smoot on lead guitar