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Ryan Dunn, Jackass Star, dies in car accident 34

Ryan Dunn (June 11, 1977 – June 20, 2011) was an American reality television personality and daredevil best known for being a member of The Jackass Crew, MTV's Viva La Bam, and Homewrecker. A member of the CKY Crew, Dunn played the main character in Bam Margera's film Haggard, which was based on a failed relationship Ryan had experienced.

Ryan Dunn Cause of Death
On June 20, 2011 at approximately 3:30 am EDT, Dunn died in a car crash in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania. He posted a photo of him drinking with friends hours beforehand. At the time of the accident, Dunn was believed to have been traveling over 110 mph (180 km/h). An unidentified occupant of the vehicle was also found dead at the scene. WKST-FM reported that both of the bodies had suffered severe burns, and the emergency medical technicians experienced difficulty in identifying the vehicle's occupants; Dunn was reportedly identified by his tattoos and facial hair.

 Jackass Ryan Dunn with (more) facial hair

Re: Ryan Dunn, Jackass Star, dies in car accident 34

Ryan did a lot of stupid and dangerous stuff throughout his Jackass career, never once did i think that he would die from a car crash. R.I.P Ryan Dunn

Re: Ryan Dunn, Jackass Star, dies in car accident 34

I really feel bad for Bam, I know he took this loss very personally. Ryan was like his brother, so you can imagine (or perhaps don't want to imagine) how news like that could just destroy your world. I saw the interview with him afterwards, and he was so distraught, I could hardly watch it without getting emotional. But Ryan Dunn has left behind a legacy that won't soon be forgotten. And that is ultimately all we have in this world. Rest in peace Ryan Dunn, you are never forgotten.

Re: Ryan Dunn, Jackass Star, dies in car accident 34

Wow, that's rough, I hope his family is ok it's tragic to see someone die from DUI.

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