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Get over it people. David died while pleasuring himself. Best way to die.

I hope David Carradine's family members and publicists will not try to cover up David Carradine's death. A lot of people die of autoerotic asphyxia. It's about time we raise awareness. Please don't cover up his death. There is nothing wrong with people's desire for physical pleasure. We all pursue physical pleasure. What's wrong is the fact that society is not talking about autoerotic asphyxia. What's wrong is that David's death was not prevented. The society looks at this as something so wrong and twisted. Remember back in the 40's? Your hands supposed to fall off if you do "it". I guarantee you that public awareness will be raised in the future regarding autoerotic asphyxia. It's sad that now is not the time. We'll have to wait for more deaths, possibily more famous deaths, so people will talk about it again. I hope their family will openly talk about it without covering up. Knowledge and awareness is power. It will save lives and create better world. Imagine INXS still has the original member. Imagine David Carradine would live to make several more movies and host more TV shows. We are losing good things in the world, because we refuse to raise awareness. We sell "Girls Gone Wild" "Viagra" and "Extenze" on TV. But we refuse to talk about what's killing people. We see a lot of campaigns saying "Talk to your kids about smoking & drugs". A campaign like that might have prevented David's death. Get over it people. David had a healthy life. I hope he's death will raise awareness to save countless others who didn't know the danger. So, I say this now: Hanging is a dangerous act. Media won't tell you, but a lot of people die from it. Most people do it sitting down and die sitting down. If you must experiment, have your partner with you. If you have done it many times and if you think you have a handle on it? That's when it's going to kill you. Thank you for reading my rare personal blog. God bless.

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