Jeff Healey recovering from lung cancer surgery

Jeff HealeyJeff Healey is the blind singer (& Guitar player) from the 80's movie Road House starring Patrick Swayze. 

Jeff Healey is not just a movie character.  A movie creator saw a blind singer singing and playing guitar at a club in Canada.  He was hired to be himself for the movie.

Of course, he became very popular after Road House.  Jeff Healey made about 9 albums since then.

He lost his eyes when he was one year old due to cancer.  Jeff Healey was born on 1966.

Besinds vocals and guitar, he also plays trumpet and clarinet.


Loved him at RoadHouse

1 year after the surgery, Jeff seems doing OK.  He has an active show schedule.  

I'm enjoying a relaxing weekend today (this is very rare). To treat myself, I watched RoadHouse again.  I think I watch RoadHouse about 3-5 times a year.  The movie is very cheesy and fun (just like Tremors).
Jeff was perfect in the movie. He brought depth to the movie on its own cheesy way. Keep rocking Jeff, sorry about the Cancer.  You are a great person.