Joe Son, "Austin Powers" actor, convicted of torture in rape case

An actor who had a small part in the movie "Austin Powers" has been convicted of torture in connection with the 1990 Christmas Eve gang rape of a woman in Orange County. Joseph Hyungmin Son was found guilty Thursday of one felony count of torture in connection with the attack.

Joe Son initially was charged with multiple sexual assault and kidnapping counts, but many of those charges were dropped in part because the statute of limitations had expired

Joseph Hyungmin Son (born November 22, 1970) is an American actor, and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.  Son retired from MMA with a record of 0–4.  Son was also Kimo Leopoldo's manager at UFC 3.

Son was found guilty of one felony count of torture on August 25, 2011. Prosecutors say Son and an accomplice pulled the victim into a car on Christmas Eve in 1990 and drove her toward Huntington Beach as they beat her with a gun and raped her. The investigation had gone cold until Son was required to provide a DNA sample in 2008 in connection with a vandalism sentence. He faces a maximum sentence of 15 years to life in state prison.


Joe Son, goes from torturing a woman to murdering a cell mate...

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Re: Joe Son, "Austin Powers" actor, convicted of torture in ...

If there is any truth to the phrase, "What goes around comes around" this man will exemplify it, if only and finally through our really pathetic legal system. I am suprised to see a court that finally makes the connection that, "Rape" is "Torture" and vice versa, no matter what the statute of limitations is on either crime. Sadly, now a life in a prison awaits this obviously sick, menacing, entitled, and unapologetic man. I think he should have thought of the possibility he risked, of living out his days like some animal in a cage, before he was so viciously allowed to behave like one. Sad to, that so many years ago he and his buddy ripped this poor girl off the street to rape and torture her on Christmas Eve! Surely for this guy, it is finally come around time and I hope all the torturers and rapists are shaking in their boots.

Re: Joe Son, "Austin Powers" actor, convicted of torture in ...

I am rather confused. I thought there was a statute of limitations on rape. It even says that multiple sexual assault and kidnapping charges were dropped due to the statute of limitation expiring. So, why is he being convicted of rape 21 years later? Even with DNA evidence, the statute of limitations should have expired long ago. Don't get me wrong, he deserves what he gets. However, I am confused as to how they got around the statute.

Re: Joe Son, "Austin Powers" actor, convicted of torture in ...

He was convicted of torture. Only 1 count. You are correct, rest of the charges expired.