Manuel Galban, Grammy Winning, Buena Vista Social Club guitarist dies 80

Manuel Galbán (1931 – July 7, 2011) was a Grammy winning Cuban guitarist, pianist and arranger, most notable for his work with Los Zafiros, Ry Cooder and the Buena Vista Social Club. The last surviving member of Los Zafiros,

In 2001 he recorded Mambo Sinuendo with Ry Cooder which won the 2003 Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Album.

Manuel Galban Cause of Death
Manuel Galban passed away on July 7, 2011 of cardiac arrest at his home in Havana, Cuba. Manuel Galban was 80 years old at the time of his death.


Manuel Galban & Ry Cooder Echale Salsita
Manuel Galban (wearing a hat) - On Guitar

Re: Manuel Galban, Grammy Winning, Buena Vista Social Club ...

This is wonderful, thank you! I just found out about BVSC on I work for DISH Network and just so happened to be browsing the site when I came upon a documentary done by Wim Wenders. The music and performances by Galban are moving and I’ve been sharing this with all of my music-loving friends since the video is free for viewing under the search “Buena Vista Social Club.”