Lucy Gordon, Spider-Man 3 Actress, Committed Suicide at 29

Actress died 2009Lucy Gordon (May 22, 1980 – May 20, 2009) was an English actress and model, born in Oxford. Gordon was found dead in her Paris flat, on 20 May 2009, two days before her 29th birthday.

Death of Lucy Gordon
A French police official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the cause of death appeared to be suicide

Lucy Gordon Filmography
1999: 2point4 children (episode "After the Fox") as Lampety Jones
2001: Perfume as Sarah
2001: Serendipity as Caroline Mitchell
2002: The Four Feathers as Isabelle
2005: The Russian Dolls as Celia Shelburn
2007: Serial as Sadie Grady
2007: Spider-Man 3 as Jennifer Dugan
2008: Frost as Kate Hardwick
2009: Brief Interviews with Hideous Men as Hitchhiker
2009: Cinéman as Fernandel's friend
2010: Serge Gainsbourg, vie héroïque as Jane Birkin

Re: Lucy Gordon, Spider-Man 3 Actress, Committed Suicide at 29

In response to Guest comment at 06.21 on 17/03/10. Obviously she didnt see things that way, she was ill, you dont and probably will never know the depths of depression and turmoil she must have felt at the time, although it may seem as if she had the world at her feet you dont know what's going on in her personal life or mind. Such a tragedy, God rest your soul Lucy, i hope you have found your peace.

Re: Lucy Gordon, Spider-Man 3 Actress, Committed Suicide at 29

Sorry, but have you walked a mile in her shoes? Only the person who has gone can tell us why they took their own lives. It's very sad for sure, but I doubt that something trivial would have driven her to the edge. Normally it's a deep physical or psychological pain that a person feels they cannot live with any longer. I agree that if she had waited she may have found a way to get over it but we'll never know exactly what 'it' was. God bless her, wherever she has gone, and I hope her pain has disappeared...

Re: Lucy Gordon, Spider-Man 3 Actress, Committed Suicide at 29

That is horrible what people do to them self I know that sometimes people get sad and only but god gave you life for a reason and he didn’t give you life so you can’t take it away yourself. Things happen for a reason but in this cause that shouldn’t have happened at all even if there was a reason to this. look at that she was famous she had the money and everything I just a regular person and yes I don’t have that much money and no im not famous and yes I do have a lot of sad times but that does not give me a reason to do something crazy like she did. Life is Precious and very valuable it something you can not get back if you unhappy do something about it entertain yourself surround you self with people you love or people that love you. Like my dad says you only got one life to accomplish your dreams and do something that you know you would feel good accomplishing I know that a lot of thing that we want are hard to accomplish but nothing is impossible and if you work hard enough at it you would get there. So she should have thought of that before she took her life because she is not going to live again. That was her last chance. People in this world sometimes just don’t see things. Anyways rip Lucy Gordon and i hope now that you killed your self you’re happy because i now that if you were still living you could have got through anything you were going through life is hard but everyone learns to get over it!!!!