Laurie Bird (25)- Female version of James Dean

Laurie Bird ActressLaurie Bird (September 26, 1953 – June 15, 1979) was an American actress and photographer. She appeared in just three films: Two-Lane Blacktop (1971), Cockfighter (1974), and a small role in Annie Hall (1977). Bird shot the cover photo for Art Garfunkel's Watermark album in 1978, and was the still photographer on Cockfighter.

Bird's mother died when she was three, and her father worked long hours, so she more or less raised herself. She was romantically involved with her Blacktop and Cockfighter director Monte Hellman, and later with Garfunkel for several years.

Bird committed suicide in Garfunkel's New York apartment.

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I just watched the movie

I just watched the movie Two-Lane Blacktop and I loved it. I had to look up Laurie Bird to see why she wasn't a superstar, she was an excellent actress.

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yeah, her 'Stage Persona' is just sSO! Cool, huh i got to speak with Monte a little bit, when he was here recently for the Second Annual ABQ,NM FILMFEST 'TWO-LANE BLACKTOP' Feature Presentation, he eVen 'Signatured' my '68 440 DODGE DART! but didnt get to Laurie talk... Her 'StagePersona' is Just sSO! Cool *+*+*+* Devotamente, JohndaviD ABQ,NM USA >

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Beauty and Sadness all wrapped up in one. Such a sad story