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Oscar-winning actor Karl Malden dies 97

Supporting Actor Streetcar Named Desire 19516231 Hollywood Blvd. 2005

Karl Malden (March 22, 1912 – July 1, 2009) was an Academy Award winning American actor. In a career that spanned over seven decades, he was featured in classic films such as A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront and One-Eyed Jacks with Marlon Brando. Among other notable film roles are Archie Lee Meighan in Baby Doll, Zebulon Prescott in How the West Was Won and General Omar Bradley in Patton. His best-known role was on television as Lt. Mike Stone on the 1970s crime drama, The Streets of San Francisco.

Death Karl Malden
Karl Malden died of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles's Brentwood neighborhood.
Karl Malden was 97 years old at the time of his death

Karl Malden - American Express

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Re: Oscar-winning actor Karl Malden dies 97

Apparently it was Richard Herd who played Mr. Wilhelm on Seinfeld, not Karl Malden. They are practically twins, it would seem. But not in real life.

Re: Oscar-winning actor Karl Malden dies 97

I recently begin to order the streets of san francisco dvds...was saddened to learn mr malden had passed away...he was fantastic as lieutenant stone...those shows are better than the garbage produced today...michael douglas was a perfect partner for the malden character, great chimistery...will continue to view and order the complete series, condolences to his family in their grief..he will truely be missed...

Re: Oscar-winning actor Karl Malden dies 97

What a wonderful actor. a wonderful man. God bless you Karl

Re: Oscar-winning actor Karl Malden dies 97

** Karl Malden was married to the same woman for 70 years. Loved him on all B&W movies. Loved him on AmEx commercials. I used to think Karl Malden was on Seinfeld Episodes. (Thank you, visitor, for correcting me) I enjoyed him at Dead Ringer (with Bette Davis) and many other Black and White movies. He's always a good guy. Then I saw him at Seinfeld episodes. He was pretty funny. It was like a breath of fresh air. I was thinking "Wow, he must be like 80 years old" I am happy for Karl Malden. He had a long life. He gave us a lot of good memories. I miss him, but I cannot complaint. All good. God bless Karl Malden. 97... I wish I can live to 77

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