Grammy-Winning Singer Jo Stafford Dies at 90

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Joe StaffordJo Stafford (November 12, 1917 – July 16, 2008), born Jo Elizabeth Stafford, in Coalinga, California, was an American pop singer whose career spanned the late 1930s through the early 1960s. Stafford is greatly admired for the purity of her voice and was considered one of the most versatile vocalists of the era. She was also viewed as a pioneer of modern musical parody, having won a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 1961 (with husband Paul Weston) for their album Jonathan and Darlene Edwards in Paris.

Death of Jo Stafford
Jo Stafford is died of congestive heart failure.
Jo Stafford was 90 years old at the time of her death

I'll be seeting You

You Belong To me

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Re: Grammy-Winning Singer Jo Stafford Dies at 90

I had no idea Jo Stafford was still alive. I love her voice. She sang a lot of sweet tunes. I listen to a lot of Big Band. Jo Stafford is up there on my favorite list along with Sinatra and Dorsey Brothers. Death of Jo Stafford, to me, is a closure of one chapter. Even if you are young, you know some of her songs already. I don't know how many other famous singers from the 30's are still alive.