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Jeff Healey - Blind singer from Roadhouse

** Blind singer from Patrick Swayze's Roadhouse (1989)

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Jeff HealeyNorman Jeffrey Healey (March 25, 1966 – March 2, 2008), known professionally as Jeff Healey. He was a blind Canadian jazz and blues-rock guitarist and vocalist.

Death of Jeff Healey
Jeff Healey died of cancerat St. Joseph's Health Centre in his home town of Toronto.
Jeff Healey wwas 41 years old at the time of his death. His death came a month before the release of his new album, Mess of Blues, which will be his first rock album in eight years.

Jeff Healey had a surgery for Lung Cancer last year (Blog Entry: Jeff Healey Lung Cancer)

Patrick Swayze - On March 5, 2008, media announced that the Roadhouse buddy Patrick Swayze is battling cancer. (Blog Entry: Patrick Swayze battling cancer)

He has an unforgetable voice.

He has an unforgetable voice. His music will always live on. Everytime "roadhouse" is on i always watch just to listen to him sing.

Jeff Healey put finishing

Jeff Healey put finishing touch in Road House. He set the tone. He was the mysterious voice in crucial moments. Good stuff..

Re: Jeff Healey - Blind singer from Roadhouse

I met Jeff in the late 90s when his band opened for the Allman Bros. I was lucky. We hung out back stage before the show, Jeff his band, me and some friends. We drank and smoked and laughed. I came away thinking these are the nicest people ever. He was a lot of fun and will be missed. I never post on these things, but Jeff was a good dude and people should know.

Re: Jeff Healey - Blind singer from Roadhouse

Wow, very cool. Thank you for sharing it. Jeff did seem like a nice guy. PS. Allman Brothers is one of my favorite bands (along with Skynyrd)

Re: Jeff Healey - Blind singer from Roadhouse

I remember the song "Angel Eyes", but I never knew the guy singing it was blind. I liked the song. I remember it playing on the radio when I was dating my first girlfriend. It brought back good memories when I heard it again.

Re: Jeff Healey - Blind singer from Roadhouse

So sad - he was so young! He is sorely missed. I remember my boyfriend at the time used to sing the song "Angel Eyes" to me when that was a hit in the 80s. Healey was an awesome musician.

Re: Jeff Healey - Blind singer from Roadhouse

When Jeff's albums are purchased, who do the royalites go to? Family?

Re: Jeff Healey - Blind singer from Roadhouse

I'm pretty sure that he assigned his favorite people to receive profit. He knew he was in bad health. So, he must have taken care of that.

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