Hal Fishman, News anchor

Hollywood Walk of Famer 

Hal Fishman is a minor celebrity.  But very famouse in Los Angeles and is one of my favorites.

Hal Fishman News AnchorHal Fishman (August 25, 1931 – August 7, 2007) was the longest-running news anchor in the history of American television, having served on-air for Los Angeles television stations continuously between 1960 and his death in 2007. He was also a record-holding aviator.


Hal Fishman was 76 years old at the time of his death.

Fishman died August 7, 2007 at home, following recent treatment for a liver infection, which had detected cancer in his liver and colon. That morning the station interrupted its regular news schedule and dedicated much the entire Morning Show and Prime News broadcasts to Fishman. The reporters on Prime News did not break for commercials that evening. Hal Fishman's last broadcast was on July 30, 8 days before his death.

The night before Hal became ill, KTLA celebrated Hal's 47 years in television with a special gala at the Autry National Museum in Los Angeles, an event attended by such dignitaries as Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Los Angeles County Sherriff Lee Baca. The event was emceed by Morning Show Anchor Michaela Pereira. During the gala, Hal spoke to the audience about his time in television. Fishman appeared somewhat fatigued but little would be known about his health until the day after.   

My favorite celebrity

Hal Fishman is one of my top favorite celebrities. Hal Fishman was hired by Gene Autry as a News Anchor. Hal Fishman's nickname was "The Flying Professor" Hal Fishman currently holds 13 avionic records. Hal Fishman has a star on Hollywood walk of fame. Hal Fishman used to drive a red Corvette. I have been watching KTLA 10pm news almost everyday (whenever I am home) for last 20 or so years. Hal Fishman's voice is still lingering in my ears. I truly miss him. I still watch KTLA news. I was hoping Carlos Amescua will take over the night time. But Carlos is movig to channel 11. (** A month later Carlos Amescua moved to channel 11 prime time news)