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David Carradine, Kung Fu, Kill Bill, Accidental Death 72

David Carradine (born John Arthur Carradine, December 8, 1936 - June 3, 2009) was an American actor, best known for his work in Kung Fu and more recently in Kill Bill.

Carradine was born in Hollywood, California, the son of Ardanelle Abigail (née McCool) and noted American actor John Carradine

Carradine was known for his roles as Kwai Chang Caine in the 1970s television series Kung Fu (as well as the sequels in the 1980s and 1990s), as well as 'Big' Bill Shelly in Martin Scorsese's Boxcar Bertha (1972), folksinger Woody Guthrie in Bound for Glory (1976), Abel Rosenberg in Ingmar Bergman's The Serpent's Egg (1977), and as Bill in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, Vols. 1 & 2 (2003, 2004, respectively).

Death of David Carradine
On June 4, 2009, Carradine was found dead in his room at the Park Nai Lert Hotel in Junfan Mulay, Bangkok, Thailand. The initial police investigation indicated that Carradine had hanged himself using a cord of the type which is used with curtains. Circumstances suggested that the death was an autoerotic asphyxiation.

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Re: David Carradine, Kung Fu, Kill Bill, Accidental Death 72

I worked with David on a film a couple of years before his death. He was a very pleasant person full of life, he loved his wife and his son, Max. He was a talented actor and a good man. Rest In Peace, David.

Re: David Carradine, Kung Fu, Kill Bill, Accidental Death 72

Don't feel a man of his stature would hang himself without outside help.

Re: David Carradine, Kung Fu, Kill Bill, Accidental Death 72

I was sad to hear about David Carradine passing away. I think I watched all the original episodes of Kung Fu. I have to give him credit. Most men his age don't think it's worth the effort to satisfy themselves. If he would have lived, he could have followed in the footsteps of Charlie Chapman.

Re: David Carradine, Kung Fu, Kill Bill, Accidental Death 72

David was hung while he was sitting in the closet. He was partially clothed. The rope was also tied to his private part. To me, this is a classic case of autoerotic asphyxiation. I am officially categorizing his death as accidental. AeA is a topic people don't want to talk about. Some study speculates 30% of all suicide by hangings are in fact accidental deaths due to AeA. The family members always cover up to avoid embarrassment, so we do not know the true figure. David Carradine has nothing to be embarrassed about. There is nothing Dark or Wrong about what he did. He had a healthy life style for his age. If anything, I hope David's death will open communication to public so people will be careful and keep it healthy. Anyway. Out of all the things he had done, my favorite work of David Carradine is the TV series "Wild West Tech".

Re: David Carradine, Kung Fu, Kill Bill, Accidental Death 72

You are officially catagorizing eh John? He May very well have been this type of person but why does everything in my thoughts say no way? How easy would it be to set a person up like this? I am glad that people like you are not the only investigators for this type of thing. The Man was 72 years old - seems to me he may have been a little tired of yanking on it by then. This doesn't sound all that open closed type of thing to me at all. wild west tech is cool , there is no doubt there. But it certainly would be an Insult to this mans carreer if it were announced as his best work. For God's sakes Man! He was Kwai Chang Caine! Are You Kidding Me? wild west tech? I am thinking you are about 18 years old. This Man was an awesome actor. It would not suprise me one bit if it were found that David was killed. However it happened, it's a sad thing for sure.

Re: David Carradine, Kung Fu, Kill Bill, Accidental Death 72

Try to be open minded and keep following the news. Let's see how wrong I am, shall we? I wish people like me are investigating his death. I speculated his death purely by looking at the facts. People like you should not investigate his death, because you are not willing to open your mind for every possible scenario. Your ability to make judgement is impaired just because you like him. You think somebody killed him and set him up to look that way. That would make his death the most bizarre Hollywood Death of the decade. Or it will turn out to be one of many cases of sex game gone wrong. There is no need to argue. I could be wrong. But time will tell. Let's keep following the news.

Re: David Carradine, Kung Fu, Kill Bill, Accidental Death 72

Hi. On my website, David didn't get murdered. That's official. This is not a "How old" competition. I did, however, watched Kung Fu when the show was on air, NOT reruns. I never liked Kung Fu. I don't like broccoli. I don't like Techno music. That's just me. Your opinion is just as valuable as mine. (and thank you for your comment) PS. I saw this on the news. David Carradine was a regular customer at the sex shop in San Fernando Valley. They said he used to shop there twice a month and he owns everything the store has.

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