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2010 Top 10 Celebrity Deaths

Below is my top 10 celebrity deaths in 2010

As always, my list will be different than yours.
It's not easy to trim a long list down to just 10. 

  1. Tony Curtis
  2. Dennis Hopper
  3. Eddie Fisher
  4. Fess Parker
  5. Mitch Miller
  6. Patricia Neal
  7. Leslie Nielsen
  8. Barbara Billingsley
  9. Tom Bosley
  10. Kevin McCarthy
*Revised January 5, 2011.  Thank you

What, no Charlie O'Donnell? 2

What, no Charlie O'Donnell? 2 stints on Wheel Of Fortune (1975-80, 1989-2010) with the $25K/$100K Pyramid & a few other game shows thrown in for good measure?! Shame on you guys!

Abay"carnegie" Lattin one

Abay"carnegie" Lattin one half of the group Silver madellion.
Will be greatly missed. 09/11/2010

Re: 2010 Top 10 Celebrity Deaths

Always thought Patricia Neal didn't quite get the credit she deserved. A great actress!

Re: 2010 Top 10 Celebrity Deaths

You know what. You are absolutely right. I missed Patricia Neal. She is definitely on my top 10 list. Thank you very much for taking time to let me know. Happy new year. John

Re: 2010 Top 10 Celebrity Deaths

What about Patricia Neal?

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