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Brad Delp (band Boston)

Boston Brad Delp 
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Boston Lead SingerBradley E. Delp (June 12, 1951 – March 9, 2007) was an American musician best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Boston.

Brad Delp Cause of Death
Brad Delp committed suicide in his bathroom. Brad Delp was 55 years old at the time of his death.

Born: Danvers, Massachusetts, USA
Died: Atkinson, New Hampshire
Genre: Rock
Occupation: Musician
Instrument:  Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Years active: 1976-2007
Label: Epic Records, MCA Records, Artemis Records
Associated acts: Boston, Return to Zero, Beatlejuice

Re: Brad Delp (band Boston)

Hi I was very saddened to just find out about Mr. Delp's death.This touched a chord in me as I love to hear the song more than a feeling.I saw a concert in the late 70's early eighties in the meadowlands with my fiance at he time.We were both so taken with the song that we decided to make it our wedding march. Well due to my admittedly stupid youth I called off the wedding a week before because Of my immaturity. Well fast forwarding to today she went on to get married, and divorced 5 years later but has two children (18 &19) in college,but now I am trying to get back into her heart.(I never fell out of love with her. When I saw her about 2 weeks ago, as soon as I got in the car "more than a feeling" came on.It made me smile from ear to ear. I don't know if there is a Mrs Delp,but if there is I would like her or his family to know that he is alive and well in my heart,and I am thankful for his music.I hope that I can stir her heart to forgive me and get married to her and play the song this time as my wedding march. Again I am truly sorry for your loss,and if there is anything I can ever do in my power please feel free to ask. Mark

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