Phil Spector trial almost coming to an end.

Phil Spector jury deliberations continue
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September 13, 2007

Jurors in the Phil Spector murder trial retired from their third day of deliberations today (September 12) without announcing a verdict.

The twelve jurors have appeared in good spirits as they enter and leave the courtroom each day, according to the Los Angeles Times. Among the jurors are an engineer, five civil servants, and one film executive.


Steve Fossett Missing in Nevada with his Aircraft

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Steve FossettJames Stephen Fossett (April 22, 1944 – missing September 3, 2007, declared legally dead February 15, 2008) was an American aviator, sailor, and adventurer who became the first person to fly solo nonstop around the world in a balloon. He made his fortune in the financial services industry and was best known for many world records, including five nonstop circumnavigations of the Earth: as a long-distance solo balloonist, as a sailor, and as a solo flight fixed-wing aircraft pilot.

Death of Steve Fossett
On November 26, 2007, Fossett's wife requested that Fossett be declared legally dead.The petition was granted on February 15, 2008. Steve Fossett was 63 years old at the age of his death.

At 8:45 am, on Monday, September 3, 2007, Fossett took off in a single-engine plane from a private airstrip known as Flying M Ranch ( 38°36?13?N, 119°00?11?W), near Smith Valley, 30 miles south of Yerington, Nevada, near Carson City and the California border. The airfield is owned by Barron Hilton and is the site of the biennial Barron Hilton Cup invitational soaring encampment. Fossett was searching for a suitable lake bed for a world land speed record attempt.

According to CNN News, the search for Fossett began about six hours later. He was flying in a Bellanca Super Decathlon with tail number N240R registered to the "Flying M Hunting Club, Inc". There has been no signal from the plane's emergency locator radio beacon, which is designed to be automatically activated in the event of a crash.

Fossett took off with enough fuel for four to five hours of flight, according to Civil Air Patrol Maj. Cynthia S. Ryan. A Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson noted that Fossett apparently did not file a flight plan. On Tuesday night, teams of 10 aircraft search but found no trace of any wreckage after scouring a large chunk of rugged terrain

Luciano Pavarotti back to Hospital

Pavarotti is in Hospital today in Italy. Below is an excerpt from Washington Post article this morning. The 71-year-old tenor, who underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer last year, was brought to Modena's Polyclinic on Wednesday and was being kept under observation. Doctors were expected to release him in coming days, according to separate statements from the hospital and his manager, Terri Robson. He seems to be OK but he's 71 years old. Pavarotti is a legend. We all wish him well. We love Pavarotti.

Hal Fishman hospitalized, colon cancer spreaded to liver.

 Hollywood Walk of Famer

Hal Fishman is sick, this doesn't sound good.
Hal Fishman is one of my top 10 celebrities alive.
He colapsed at home on August 2nd.
Doctor discovered colon cancer - spreaded to his liver.

Hal Fishman holds a record for being an Anchor man for the longest time.
Hal Fishman is 76 years old.

Please Get well.
God bless.

Hal fisheman passed away soon after this post.
Go to this page to share your memory, God bless Hal Fishamn

New Website at work

Welcome to, I just bought this domain name.
I've been watching this domain for about 1-2 years.
Somebody had this domain name before.
He/she was installing a CMS program.
Finally, this domain name was dropped.
I picked it up right away.

I can't wait to get everything setup.

I have a full time job and several other personal websites.
While I was working on this website Anna Nicole Smith died. Also president Ford and James Brown died. I hope James' body is buried by now.

Have a happy new year, and feel free to contact me.
God bless everyone.

Jeff Healey recovering from lung cancer surgery

Jeff HealeyJeff Healey is the blind singer (& Guitar player) from the 80's movie Road House starring Patrick Swayze. 

Jeff Healey is not just a movie character.  A movie creator saw a blind singer singing and playing guitar at a club in Canada.  He was hired to be himself for the movie.

Of course, he became very popular after Road House.  Jeff Healey made about 9 albums since then.

He lost his eyes when he was one year old due to cancer.  Jeff Healey was born on 1966.

Besinds vocals and guitar, he also plays trumpet and clarinet.

Tiger Woods' Father dies 74

Earl Dennison Woods (March 5, 1932 – May 3, 2006) was an athlete, a US Army infantry officer, (retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel), and the father of golfer Tiger Woods. Woods died from prostate cancer (which he had originally been diagnosed with in 1998) at his home in Cypress, California on May 3, 2006.
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