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End of Era

The End of R.E.M., and They Feel Fine

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R.E.M., the underground band from Athens, Ga., that helped invent the alternative-rock sound of the 1980s, said on Wednesday that its members were splitting up after 31 years of making music together.

Cisco to stop making Flip video cameras

The Flip Video was a camcorder for digital video created by Pure Digital Technologies.

It was announced on March 19, 2009, that Cisco Systems had acquired Pure Digital Technologies, the maker of Flip Video for $590 million USD in stock. The acquisition was completed on May 21, 2009.

However, on April 12, 2011, Cisco announced that it was closing down the Flip business as part of Cisco's restructuring of its consumer business unit.

The Flip Ultra has been the best-selling camcorder on since the day of its debut (September 12, 2007), capturing about 13% of the camcorder market

Human Torch of 'Fantastic Four', one of Marvel's first superheroes, dies

The Human Torch (Jonathan Lowell Spencer "Johnny" Storm) is a fictional character and superhero appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. He is a member of the Fantastic Four, making his first appearance in Fantastic Four #1 November 1961. Writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby re-introduced the Torch as a Silver Age version of the Golden Age character of the same name created by Carl Burgos.

Death of Human Torch
In Fantastic Four #587 (March 2011), the concluding chapter of Jonathan Hickman's "Three" storyline, Johnny Storm the Human Torch dies stopping an angry horde of Negative Zone monsters preparing for a second "Annihilation Wave". The following issue, #588, will be the final issue of the series, which will relaunch in March as simply FF

Kodachrome (1935 - 2009), Final processing today (Dec 30, 2010)

On June 22, 2009 Eastman Kodak Co. announced the end of Kodachrome production, citing declining demand. Many Kodak and independent laboratories once processed Kodachrome, but only one Kodak certified facility remained in the world after the announcement: Dwayne's Photo in Parsons, Kansas, where the final roll is scheduled to be processed on December 30, 2010. The final roll of 36-frame Kodachrome to be manufactured was tracked by National Geographic; it was shot by photographer Steve McCurry and processed by Dwayne's Photo in July 2010.



Larry King Signs Off Tonight, after 25 Years.

Larry King's last show would air Tonight (December 16, 2010) Lawrence Harvey "Larry" King (born November 19, 1933) is an American television and radio host. He is recognized in the United States as one of the premier broadcast interviewers. He has won an Emmy Award, two Peabody Awards, and ten Cable ACE Awards. King began as a local Florida journalist and radio interviewer in the 1950s and '60s. He became prominent as an all-night national radio broadcaster starting in 1978, and then, in 1985, began hosting the nightly interview TV program Larry King Live on CNN. On June 29, 2010, it was announced that he would step down as host of the show but would continue to host specials for CNN. In early September, CNN confirmed that he would be replaced by Piers Morgan, and indicated that King's last show would air on December 16.

Newsweek to become "Newsweek Daily Beast"

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Newsweek magazine and The Daily Beast, have merged to become the Newsweek Daily Beast company.

Newsweek magazine was founded in 1933, and was purchased by the Washington Post(WPO_) in 1961

In its 2009 annual report, the Washington Post reported the struggling financial state of the magazine.

Gene Shalit leaving The Today Show after 40 years

Shalit announced that he would leave the Today Show after 40 years, effective November 11, 2010. Of his decision, he was quoted as saying: "It's enough already".

Gene Shalit (born March 25, 1925; New York City, 85 years old) is a film and book critic. He has filled these roles on NBC's The Today Show since January 15, 1973. He is known for his frequent use of puns, his oversized handlebar moustache, and for wearing colorful bowties.

He is known to have had a rocky relationship with former Today Show co-host Bryant Gumbel. He has been involved in reviewing the arts since 1967 and has written for such publications as Look magazine, Ladies' Home Journal (for 12 years), Cosmopolitan, TV Guide, Seventeen, Glamour, McCall's, and The New York Times. From 1970–1982 he had a daily essay on NBC Radio "Man About Anything", that was carried on more stations than any other NBC network radio feature. In 1987, he published Laughing Matters—A Treasury of American Humor, a critically praised humor anthology. As of 2009, he lives in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, with his cat Fellini. Shalit's children include the artist and entrepreneur Willa Shalit, and he is the godfather of radio producer/personality Gary Dell'Abate.

Funny People Movie Review (Gene Shalit) The Today Show.

Sony to End Production of Walkman Tape Players

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Sony has announced it will retire the Walkman tape player in Japan, marking the end of one of the most successful consumer gadgets of all time.

Death of Chrysler PT Cruiser (10 yrs production)

The Chrysler PT Cruiser is a retro styled compact automobile that was first launched by Chrysler as a 4-door sedan/hatchback in late 1999 (for the 2000 model lineup) and as a 2-doorconvertible  in early 2005 (for the 2005 model lineup).

On July 6, 2009, after reorganization into the "New Chrysler", the company changed plans to discontinue the model by specifying that it will do so for Canadian and Mexican markets only.  On July 9, 2010 the PT Cruiser ended production.

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