Andrew Koenig, 'Growing Pain' and 'Star Trek', found dead 41

Joshua Andrew Koenig (August 17, 1968 – February 25, 2010), also known as Josh Andrew Koenig or Andrew Koenig, was an American character actor, film director, editor and writer. His father is actor Walter Koenig known for his role Pavel Chekov in Star Trek.

Koenig played Richard "Boner" Stabone on ABC sitcom Growing Pains. He also had a minor role in "Sanctuary," an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Andrew Koenig is the son of actor Walter Koenig (who played "Chekov" in the original television version of Star Trek) and his wife, Judy Levitt.

His brother-in-law is stand-up comedian Jimmy Pardo, who is married to Koenig's sister Danielle Koenig.

Disappearance & Discovery of Body
In February 2010, Koenig was reported missing by friends and family. He was last seen near a bakery in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on February 14, and missed a scheduled flight back to the U.S. on February 16. According to his parents, Koenig left evidence that he was depressed prior to his disappearance.  On February 25, 2010, it was reported by CNN that his body was found by friends searching for him in Stanley Park in Vancouver.  Police later confirmed Koenig's body was found earlier in the day, and Koenig's father told reporters at an evening press conference that his son took his own life

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May he he find love and happiness on the other side...God bless him...

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This is so sad. I hope that he finds the peace on the other side that he couldnt find here on earth. God blee you Andrew! Sky Avery

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i used to watch him when i was a little girl!! you really never think that somethin g like that could happen to some 1 you really love, taking your own life is a really hard thing to deal with its worse then just passing i think!! a couple of my family members took there own life from when i was like 12 to 22 my aunt my grandfother and my cousion in 07. sorry for your loss it never goes away but gets a little better to deal with as time goes by, this is a relly sad story and i hope the best for his fam and may he RIP forever, no more pain!! sarah broome

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My prayers and thoughts go out to his family. Lana